Drama Korea Terbaru 2017

Drama Korea Terbaru 2017

Bagi pengemar drama korea, admin senaraikan drama korea yang akan keluar pada tahun 2017. Drama-drama lain akan dikemaskini setiap bulan. Tarikh siaran mengikut hari tayangan di Korea. Jangan lupa untuk bookmark halaman ini. 



Drama: Naked Fireman
Genre: Melodrama
Broadcast Network: KBS2
Episodes: 4
Release Date: 12 January 2016

Lee Joon Hyuk as Kang Chul Soo
Jung In Sun as Han Jin Ah

Kang Chul-Soo (Lee Joon-Hyuk) is an enthusiastic fireman. He poses as a nude model to make money for his sick friend. He is then targeted as the criminal of an arson-murder case that took place 10 years. Kang Chul-Soo and mysterious heiress Han Jin-A (Jung In-Sun) try to find the real culprit.

Drama: Missing Nine
Genre: Mystery, thriller, melodrama
Broadcast Network: MBC
Episodes: 20 ?
Release Date: 18 January 2016

Jung Kyung Ho as Seo Joon Oh
Baek Jin Hee as Ra Bong Hee

9 people from Legend Entertainment fly on a private plane to a concert. The 9 people consists of entertainers Seo Joon-O (Jung Kyoung-Ho), Choi Tae-Ho (Choi Tae-Joon), Ha Ji-A (Lee Sun-Bin), Lee Yeol (Chanyeol), Yoon So-Hee (Ryu Won) and staff members Ra Bong-Hee (Baek Jin-Hee), Jung Ki-Joon (Oh Jung-Se), Hwang Jae-Kook (Kim Sang-Ho), Tae Ho-Hang (Tae Hang-Ho). The plane then becomes involved in a mysterious crash. The 9 people survive, but are stranded on a deserted island.

Voice korean drama
Drama: Voice
Genre: Detective, crime, thriller
Broadcast Network: OCN
Episodes: 16
Release Date: 14 January 2016

Jang Hyuk as Moo Jin Hyuk
Lee Ha Na as Kang Kwon Joo
Baek Sung Hyun as Shim Dae Shik
Yesung as Oh Hyun Ho

Two detectives teamed up to catch a serial killer who murdered their family. Moo Jin Hyuk's life spiraled out of control after his wife was murdered. He starts to put himself together after he meets Kang Kwon Joo, US-graduated voice-profiler, who lost her police father to the same serial killer. They work together on the 112 (emergency telephone number) call center team.

Introverted Boss
Drama: Introverted Boss
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Broadcast Network: tvN
Episodes: 20
Release Date: 16 January 2016

Yun Woo Jin as Eun Hwan Ki
Park Hye Soo as Chae Ro Woon
Yoon Park as Kang Woo Il
Gong Seung Yun as Eun Yi Soo

Eun Hwan-Ki (Yeon Woo-Jin) is the CEO of a public relations company, but he is extremely shy. Due to his personality, even his employees do not know him well. Chae Ro-Woon (Park Hye-Soo) begins work at Eun Hwan-Ki’s company. She is very energetic and receives recognition for her work, but her only interest is in CEO Eun Hwan-Ki. She plans to reveal who Eun Hwan-Ki really is.

Ruby Ruby Love
Drama: Ruby Ruby Love
Genre: Romance, comedy
Broadcast Network: Naver TV Cast
Episodes: 5
Release Date: 18 January 2016

Seohyun as Ruby
Lee Chul Woo as Ruby’s one and only friend
Lee Yi Kyung as CEO of a jewelry enterprise

Ruby (Seohyun) is a genius who’s decided to focus her skills on jewelry design and who has an eye for quality jewels. She has a social anxiety disorder, but the discovery of a magic ring will aid her in becoming a successful jewelry designer. Due to her phobia, she doesn’t like going to unfamiliar places and prefers to stay at home. Ruby has one and only friend (Lee Chul Woo) who is a handsome and warmhearted guy. He regrets that his genius friend can’t demonstrate her abilities because of her social anxiety, and he’ll work hard to help her achieve her dreams. Meanwhile, Lee Yi Kyung is a CEO of a jewelry enterprise and Ruby’s secret crush of a year. He’ll battle for Ruby’s affections with Lee Chul woo in a love triangle.

Drama: Defendant
Genre: Legal, thriller
Broadcast Network: SBS
Episodes: 16
Release Date: 23 January 2016

Ji Sung as Park Jung Woo
Uhm Ki Joon as Cha Sun Ho / Cha Min Ho
Kwon Yoo Ri as Seo Eun Hye
Uhm Hyun Kyung as Na Yun Hee
Oh Chang Suk as Kang Min Suk

Park Jung-Woo is a prosecutor at Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office. One day, he wakes up and finds himself in locked up at the police station. He has temporary amnesia. Park Jung-Woo is falsely accused and is sentenced to death. He must struggle to prove his innocence.

Chief Kim
Drama: Chief Kim
Genre: Comedy, office
Broadcast Network: KBS2
Episodes: 16
Release Date: 25 January 2016

Nam Goong Min as Kim Gwan Chul
Nam Sang Mi as Yoon Ha Kyung
Lee Jun Ho as Seo Yool

Kim Gwan-Chul used to work as an accountant, but now he works as a chief for a company. He is man who follows his principles and uses common sense. He also stands up for those in weaker positions. 

Saimdang Light's Diary
Drama: Saimdang, Light's Diary
Genre: Historical, Romance
Broadcast Network: SBS
Episodes: 30
Release Date: 26 January 2016

Lee Young Ae as Seo Ji Yoon / Shin Saimdang
Song Seung Hun as Lee Gyum
Oh Yoon Ah as Choi Whieumdang
Yoon Da Hoon as Lee Won Soo

A Korean art history lecturer (Lee Young-Ae) discovers the diary of historical figure Shin Saimdang. The art history lecturer unravels the secret of a mysterious portrait.

Drama: Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People
Genre: Historical
Broadcast Network: MBC
Episodes: 30
Release Date: 30 January 2016

Yoon Kyun Sang as Hong Gil Dong
Chae Soo Bin as Song Ga Ryung
Lee Ha Nui as Jang Nok Soo
Kim Ji Suk as Lee Yung / King Yeonsangun

Drama series depicts the life of Hong Gil-Dong who is the the first revolutionist and dissident activist in Joseon.


Tomorrow With You
Drama: Tomorrow With You
Genre: Fantasy, Romance
Broadcast Network: tvN
Episodes: 16
Release Date: 3 February 2016

Lee Je Hoon as Yoo So Joon
Shin Min Ah as Song Ma Rin
Kim Ye Won as Lee Gun Sook
Chae Dong Hyun as Hwang Bi Seo

This drama is about a romance story between a time traveler and his wife. Yoo So Joon (Lee Je Hoon) is a CEO of a real estate company, who has the ability to travel through time via a subway. Song Ma Rin (Shin Min Ah) is her wife and works as a photographer. So Joon foresees his future-self living miserably so he decides to marry Ma Rin in order to avoid that fate. As time passes, he learns to love her selflessly.

Drama: Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
Genre: Fantasy, action, romance, comedy
Broadcast Network: JTBC
Episodes: 16
Release Date: 3 February 2016

Park Bo Young as Do Bong Soon
Park Hyung Shik as Ahn Min Hyuk
Ji Soo as In Gook Doo

Story depicts romance between Do Bong-Soon (Park Bo-Young), who possesses immense physical strength, and An Min-Hyuk (Park Hyung-Sik).

Drama: My Only Love Song
Genre: Historical, romance
Broadcast Network: -
Episodes: -
Release Date: February 2016

Lee Jong Hyun as On Dal
Gong Seung Yun as Sang Soo Jung
Lee Jae Jin as Byun Sam Yong
Kim Yun Seo as Princess Pyunggang

Song Soo-Jung (Kong Seung-Yeon) is a top star and she is very arrogant. She classifies people by how much money they have. Suddenly, she goes back in time to the Joseon era and meets On Dal (Lee Jong-Hyun). He will do anything to make money, but in fact he is generous to the weak and poor.